Dear America

A view of the famous Hollywood sign from a distance.
A view of the famous Hollywood sign from a distance.
Creativity, competition, and cold, hard cash. Photo by Nico Amatullo on Unsplash

The United States of America — like it or not — is a huge influence on the world, particularly the Anglosphere. The nation and their people inspire many modern democracies. Ideas pioneered by the American entrepreneurial spirit have led to incredible progress.

America is a complicated country with a history filled with both despicable and heroic acts — its founding constitution stated that some human beings were worth three-fifths of others. The same country is also one of the most generous; a world leader in innovation, science, culture, and media.

I believe that Americans are good people on the whole. I’ve met, worked with, and competed against them. Americans have an infectious positivity and energy and a genuine belief that they can change the world.

The Kyle Rittenhouse’s of this world don’t represent the majority of Americans. I refuse to believe that the last 4 years is how the majority of Americans want to present themselves to the world.

The current representation is ignoring a global pandemic, stoking racial division, and separating children from their mothers and fathers. Nobody with a conscience wants to be proud of that.

On the eve of a momentous occasion — with the entire world watching with bated breath — I sincerely hope that Americans soundly reject evil, do the right thing, and vote Donald Trump out of office.

Good luck.

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